S-Create is a fundraiser workshop series. The entire amount collected via the workshops will be used to support the basic educational requirements of underprivileged school students. Every participant will enable us to support month-long stationary for 1 underprivileged school kid.


Looking for a quick headstart in the world of #Python? Well, your search ends here! S-Cube World, a non-profit #community of the #students, by the students and for the students, is here with the second edition of S-Create, a #beginner#friendlyy two-week long Python #Workshop.

🔹 No pre-requisites! 🔹
S-Create 2.0 is the perfect online webinar series for anyone who wishes to learn python from scratch.

🔹 Code your own game in Python 🔹
We will walk you through all the steps of #developing your own #game in this series. By the end of the workshop, you will have coded your own game! Exciting, right?

🔹 Regular #doubt#clearingg sessions 🔹
We will ensure that you do not just learn how to code but learn the #concepts too. With regular review sessions, no student will feel out of pace or lag in terms of learning.

Please donate through the donation box given below and fill up the information to successfully register for the workshop Let us #Create a beautiful world for them along with a developing skills for ourselves.
Let'S-Create together.
By donating as small an amount as Rs 50, you can #support month-long #stationery for 1 school kid.

You can either donate using the ticket above.
Donate using Google Pay to khushali2718@okaxis. Mail your name and contact details along with screenshot of the donation made using Google pay to for successful registration to the workshop.